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Petra: An Ancient Wonder

By Kathleen Walls

American Roads and Global Highways

“I have read hosts of the most beautifully written accounts of it, and they give one no idea of it at all…so you will never know what Petra is like, unless you come out here… Only be assured that till you have seen it you have not had the glimmering of an idea how beautiful a place can be.”                               - T. E. Lawrence ~ February 1914.

    How well Lawrence of Arabia summed up Petra. It must be seen to be fully appreciated. It is a step back into one of the earliest known civilizations. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Some background on the site is in order. Our guide, Mohammad, explained that it had been built by an ancient civilization called the Nabataeans around the third century BC.   >MORE

Exploring Franz Josef Land:
Archipelago of 191 Islands in High Arctic Emerges as New Frontier in Polar Expedition Cruising. The next frontier in polar expedition cruising is the High Arctic known as Franz Josef Land. Few have ventured here in recent decades. In fact, because of the ice, access by ship is possible only a few weeks each summer. Poseidon Expeditions (http://poseidonexpeditions.com/) is the only company offering dedicated cruises from Longyearbyen, Svalbard to this archipelago of 191 uninhabited, volcanic, mostly glaciated islands that since 2012 are part of the Russian Arctic National Park. >MORE

Quebec City - Six Sporting Events Not to Miss

This summer more than ever, the sports elite of various disciplines meet in Québec City. Discover the numerous sporting events of the Québec City region. The fun begins with the arrival of the Cuban national baseball team and it continues until September with the Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec and the Coupe Banque Nationale tennis tournament!   >MORE

Step into the World of Chocolate on a Foodie Tour of Switzerland

GRUYÈRES - Gruyères is a picture-perfect walled medieval village with a hilltop castle, once the residence of the Counts of Gruyères. The setting is idyllic—almost unbelievably so. A visit to the village transports you across eight centuries of architecture, history, and culture. Tradition runs deep in Gruyère—especially when it comes to food. The region has given its name to its favored cheese, which has been made here for over 900 years. The local cows that produce the milk for the cheese also produce a little extra for local special-ties like double crème and milk chocolate. Gruyère is home to numerous chocolatiers, each with their own spin on the process, ingredients, fillings, and presentation. >MORE

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